I use to think that if I increase my miles and speed as I came into races that I would eventually reach my goals.  This thought process could not be any farther from the truth.  It takes careful planning and diagnosis from experienced eyes and minds to reach your racing goals.  There is a reason why even the best athletes in all sports still have a coach!  When you think of the Nike team trying to break 2 hours in the marathon, they each had multiple coaches helping them get there.

This is why over the last decade I have taken the time to learn not just from studying in a scientific and educational nature, but also learning from the coaches I have had and others who coach.  It is with this decade plus of experience I am confident I will get you to the goals you need.  I have helped many reach Personal Records (PR) in distances from 5K to Ironman. Coupled with this experience comes with VDOT Coaching Certification.  Jack Daniels, whom Runners World has deemed The Worlds Best Running Coach, is the philosophy I follow and coach my athletes with.  It is a scientific approach to pacing, training, and goals.  If you want to know more about this approach, feel free to reach out or you can simply Google about it and you will quickly see why this has helped me and so many others hit new levels in their training.

With the VDOT Coaching Certification, I also use the VDOT O2 training application.  This is a simple smartphone or computer application that makes uploading your plan, pacing, and tracking progress easy.  It is a free application that is simple to read and use.

I have created a couple cookie cutter training plans for common distances. These are great ways to test out what coaching feels like. I never want to leave athletes with just a plan and no communication.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I will be sure help.

If you are wanting to taking your training to the next level and reach a PR or have a very specific goal in mind, a custom training plan will be best suited for you.  Below is the two types of training plans I offer.

I look forward to helping you hit new levels in your racing and setting some much deserved new PR!

Group Coaching

$ 139 Monthly

In many of my races, I am training for it with a group of friends or teammates. I have found when I sign up for races with others, the camaraderie in training helps propel results to a new level. Therefore I wanted to create a training package that encourages others to sign up together and train together. Even if you are not the same pace, I will build the plans based upon percentage of race pace. This helps with accountability in training and success on race day!

Individual Coaching

$ 99 Monthly

Nothing is better than an individual training plan. It is as one on one as you can get in your coaching. This type of training of coaching has helped me to set PR’s in half marathon, full marathon, and Ironman. In these plans I will build them for you in customized 2-4 week training blocks based on your current fitness and lifestyle. Everyone comes with different abilities, “life” commitments, and goals. This plan will take all of that into consideration to help you set new Personal Records and triumph!

12, 16, 18 Week Customized Plan

$ 45-65 per Plan

Finding a basic template plan is so easy with the internet, why would you purchase something so broad. With these plans, you will get a fully customized plan using VDOT 02 training app complete with distances, pacing, and fitness assessments to gauge your progress. If you are looking for someone to help build your plan, but do not need the weekly communication, this is your winner!