Jack Daniels has in his book this quote: “Run with your head for the first two-thirds of every race and with your heart for the last third”  This is such a powerful quote because it lays out something very simple.  In order to reach your full potential on race day, you will need to have both your head and your heart fully ready for success.  This is why with all of the people I coach, I work with a very measured system Jack Daniels created(Runners World calls him the worlds best running coach).  This allows data and our head to build to most successful plan so that way the last third of the race you will have the heart to hit a new PR.

Another aspect of hitting your potential is something my Grandpa use to always refer to as “The Three D’s”: Dedication, Determination, Drive.  I will always be checking in on these when I coach people as one of these alone is good, but won’t help you become great.  It is the combination of these three that will help you run and reach your full potential!

Lastly is the simple aspect of FUN.  We run to have fun and stay fit.  If you have goals of becoming a professional, that is a different story, but over 99.9% of all runners are doing it as a recreational activity.  If I do not help you keep this into perspective, the long training days can become to much of a bear.  I have always told myself and the people I have coached, enjoying the process of training for the race will make the race that much more fun when you toe the line.  Do not ever lose site of having fun!