Reaching Your Goal

Are you Trying to Qualify for Boston?
Do you want to complete a Half Marathon?
Do you have your eyes set on becoming an Ironman?

Coaching is Key

There are many different types of athletes therefore there should be many different types of plans. We have several different options in helping you reach your endurance goals.

About Me

Understanding your coaches philosophy is one of the most underrated aspects of selecting a coach. I may not be right for everyone, but I will be perfect for some. Read about what makes me tick, get up early before the sun to work out, and my racing history.

Training Plan Options Customization is key when trying to accomplish goals for different people and races. We have built three easy to choose from options that make selecting the right plan simple for you.

Group Training Plan

$ 139 /mo

Often a group of friends sign up for the a race with the hopes of running & competing together. When the group is on the same plan, accountability & progress flourish. This plan is build for your group and race!

Individual Training Plan

$ 99 /mo

With a plan specifically designed for your selected race course and abilities, I am confident you will achieve your goals. Following a customized and modifyible plan will help you reach all your goals

12, 16, 18 Week Training Plan

$ 45-65 Per Plan

Each of these are build based upon an initial 10-15 minute phone call to establish your goals for the upcoming race. The plans are customized to you with pacing, distances, and dates to fit your abilities and lifestyle.

Receive a FREE E-Book on the NYC Marathon To Be Successful, Focus on Your Personal Growth

My humble opinion is the NYC Marathon is the best race in the world.  I have completed many of them and will be returning again this year!  I wrote a simple E-Book that breaks down all aspects from the expo, where to stay and each section of the marathon.

Reached a Plateau in Racing? Having a plan built for your schedule and lifestyle is a sure fire way to PR in your next race

A favorite quote of mine was said by Fred Devito: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”.  I often think about this when I am in the middle of a challenging workout.  Knowing I will come out the other side of the workout stronger can help push me to the next level in my fitness.  Improving on your racing ability, whether that is to finish a longer race or to set a new PR, takes dedication, determination, and drive.  It is the combination of these three “D’s” that help set the groundwork for success in endurance sports:

  • Dedication: Being able to train your body but more importantly your mind to complete the workouts in a habitual way
  • Determination: The willpower, mindset, and intent to train with a purpose
  • Drive: An inner fire or innate desire to reach the goal you laid out to accomplish

My goal is not to just give you a training plan and wish you well on your journey. I am passionate about helping you uncover a new level of these three D’s at more than just your endurance sport.  I am confident in working together you will not only set new athletic milestones, but also uncover a new level of discipline, determination, and drive personally.  

I know I have through my training!

Any Questions? Please contact us: bryan@thepacepusher.com

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